Wooden greenhouses

Wooden greenhouses as the perfect setting

A wooden greenhouse is the perfect setting for plants as well as for humans. Being inside one of these unique structures is a wonderful feeling. A wooden greenhouse is just a lovely place to spend some quality time in the garden without you having to depend on the weather – and with a full view in all directions. Greenhouses in general are a wonderful thing, but these greenhouses in pressure treated Nordic spruce are just a little more unique. The natural wood in combination with the height inside the greenhouse make it a special experience to be inside the greenhouse. You will enjoy the abundance of light pouring in through the large glass windows. The large windows also provide you with a wonderful view to the garden outside. If you have the option to place the wooden greenhouse somewhere with a view it goes without saying that you should. During the evening or at night even, you can be inside the wooden structure looking at the dark sky without having to worry about the weather – unless it gets cloudy so you cannot see the stars.

Wooden greenhouses create the best growth conditions

Having one of these elegant wooden greenhouses gives you a place for growing almost any kind of plants. Another option is to use the greenhouse as a garden gazebo with some comfortable furniture and a few plants for the ambience. As the greenhouse is made for giving you excellent growth condition for most kinds of plants you should use the space for at least some plants – but the room will be magic if you have lush green plants where you can sit and relax feeling like being on an exotic travel somewhere warm. The wooden greenhouses come with one or more ventilation windows in the roof. These important windows can help you regulate the temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse to keep the plants thriving. You can also supply with an electric fan heater to provide circulation or heat when needed. You will soon discover that being inside one of these high-quality wooden greenhouses is a special and wonderful feeling. Here you can get away from the noise of the world from the early spring and way into the autumn depending a little on the temperature outside. A heater will help you extend the season.

A wooden greenhouse is elegant, stable and durable

A wooden greenhouse is a stable and durable structure in itself but it still needs a stable foundation. Not only will a stable foundation keep the greenhouse straight and stable, you will also have a floor inside the greenhouse – made of flagstones, bricks, cement, wood or something else. Often it can be a good idea to make the foundation so large that you will have an area outside to greenhouse for some furniture and pots and other containers for plants. You can use your greenhouse strictly for plants or as a combination of greenhouse and garden gazebo so the flooring will play an important part. Are you going to have large flowers pots and containers for plants inside the greenhouse? Then be sure to make the floor strong enough to carry the weight. If you have a floor made of flagstones or bricks, then you have the option to remove a flagstone or two and plant something directly in the soil under the greenhouse.