A garage in solid wood or metal for sheltering your car and more

A strong and durable garage in either solid wood or galvanised steel is the perfect solution when you want a sheltered place to park your car. At the same time, you will most often get storage room for various other items such as garden tools and more. We offer garages for one or two cars and you can also use the sturdy garages for an MC, boat, jet ski, garden machines, bikes and more. Our garages provide plenty of room for safe parking and you will soon enjoy knowing that your car is parked well sheltered when not in use. In the winter, you do not have to get up earlier to remove ice or snow from the vehicle – and in the summer, the car will be protected from damaging UV and more. We offer a range of different garages in solid wood or galvanised metal so we are sure that you can find one you like.

Garages in solid Nordic wood

Having an elegant wooden garage in solid Nordic wood will not only give you a sheltered parking spot for your car – you will also have storage room for many other things. A garage will often hold garden tools, bikes and many other things you use in the garden or for the car. Do you prefer a wooden garage in natural wood? Then you have to paint it with wood protection as soon as possible after assembly. That is the only way to keep the wood fresh and in perfect condition. However, you are free to choose a colour of your liking or use transparent wood protection so you can enjoy the look of the beautiful wood for ever. If you prefer a colour, then use one that correspond with your house or the surroundings. Another solution is to order one of our painted wooden garages in light grey or dark grey so you do not have to paint your new garage. However, after a year or more, you may have to give the garage a fresh coat of paint.

Metal garages in maintenance-free galvanised steel

A metal garage will also provide you with a sheltered place for your car and more. A metal garage will at the same time provide storage room for various things you need near the car and the garden. You can put up your new metal garage almost anywhere but to be on the safe side, check with the local municipality. No matter where you put it, you can enjoy that you can close and lock your garage as opposed to an open carport. A spacious metal garage can be used for so much more than a car – use it for garden machines, bikes, a MC, a small boat or as a work shop. However, not everything at the same time! Our metal garages are a high-quality product to be enjoyed for many years without you have to worry about rust, rot or maintenance in general. Our metal garages have galvanised steel plates, which will last for many years.

Enjoy assembling your new garage yourself

All our wooden and metal garages are delivered as a pre-fabricated assembly set. We recommend that you are two for the job as some of the parts may be heavy and you need to assemble everything carefully. No matter whether you prefer a wooden garage or a metal garage, they all have to be placed on a plane and stable base like concrete, flagstones, or wood. If you do not make sure that your garage is placed on the right foundation, you may experience that doors and windows do not work. Do you want to know more about our wooden garages or metal garages? Please contact us by phone, e-mail, or use our Chat.