Sun sails

Sun sails are flexible, elegant, and create a pleasant shade.

Sun sails are like a cross between a parasol and an awning where you get the better of two worlds. Pleasant shade, shelter from a little rain, and great flexibility. We may love when the sun is shining, but we also need a place to seek shade during the day. Here is a sun sail the perfect solution! You simply mount the light and elegant sun sails where you want some shade - it can be almost anywhere - on the patio, in the yard, over the children’s playpen, the spa, the outdoor kitchen, and more. The Dancover sun sails have sail, rope, and fittings so you can mount it as soon as you receive the package from us. Mount the sail to a wall, fence, post or something else stable and firm enough to hold the pull from the sail. The 160 g/m2 polyester sail may be a light fabric, but do not underestimate the force when the wind starts pulling and pushing the sail. That is why we recommend that you take down the sun sail in case of windy weather - and in general, when you do not use the sail.

Sun sails can protect you against too much sun.

Many of us just love it when the sun is shining. When you want to sit and relax, though - or when you are having a meal, when the children are playing in the garden, and so on - it is nice with a little shade. Furthermore, we all know how damaging too much sunlight can be. The sun sails are very easy to mount when you have put up the enclosed fittings. You can choose between two triangular and one square sun sail. This way you can have the size and shape you need according to where you want to mount the sail. The sun sails have a double PU coating, a UV +30 protection, and finally, they are waterproof. We deliver the sun sails with a PE bag with a handle so you can store it when you do not use it.

Sun sails are part of the extended Dancover Garden Collection.

The Dancover Garden Collection also includes the elegant sun sails together with a wide range of other garden products, which can help you enjoy your garden even more. Together with the sun sails, we offer parasols, garden gazebos, greenhouses, orangeries, raised flowerbeds, garden sheds, and much more. Do you have questions about our light and elegant sun sails? Please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or Chat. We will then answer your questions and help you find the right solution every time.