Heaters create a pleasant temperature at the party.

Our flexible heaters are easy to use and very effective. Use them for private parties and professional events as you please. When you arrange a party or some other kind of event in a marquee, be sure to have a heater ready for when the air gets cool in the evening. Sometimes it is a good idea to heat the marquee before the party starts if the temperature is a little low. Have one or more heaters inside the marquee to keep the temperature just right for the guests to feel comfortable. No matter where you arrange a party, it can easily get a little chilly during the evening, especially. Be sure that nobody gets cold, so everybody has a great time during the event. Be sure to have an efficient heater standing by every time you invite people over for an evening on the patio or inside a marquee.

Efficient electric heaters as plug-and-heat.

Our modern and efficient heaters are extremely easy to use as you simply plug them in. We offer a wide selection of electrical heaters, as they will do the job perfectly heating the marquee and more. Just place a heater or two, and they will make sure that your guests are comfortable all night. How many electric fan heaters you need for your marquee depends on how warm you want it to be inside – and, of course, how warm or cold it is outside the marquee! Please remember that a marquee filled with people usually gets warm all by itself because of the many people assembled inside. You also have to consider whether the tent door is open or closed during the event as it will be difficult to warm up the room if the door is open. We recommend one fan heater for an area up to 75 m² and two heaters for tents larger than 80 m². If it is cold outside, maybe you can use two heaters in a smaller tent. Place the heater opposite the door, and in case of two heaters, one at each end of the marquee. Be sure that nobody is sitting too close to the heater!

Heaters in different sizes for various purposes.

You can use our heaters for heating a marquee at a party or for heating a room in connection with a construction project, where the regular heating may be out of order. We offer a series of different heaters that you can use for different purposes depending on the size of the area that you want to heat. We offer a range of smaller heaters as well as some larger heaters for semi-professional use. Do you have questions about our heaters, please contact our Xperts by telephone, e-mail or chat.