Safety packs

Safety packs will make you sleep better at night.

Marquees come in many different sizes and colours so you can always get a marquee in a size or colour you want in accordance with the number of guests you want to invite and the event you have. A marquee is an ingenious solution when you need room for celebrating something – privately or professionally. You can assemble a marquee in no time in order to shelter yourself and your guests from the rain, the sun, and even cold weather - if you have a heater inside the marquee. An important detail when having a marquee is a safety pack with storm straps and ground pegs. Under each marquee in the shop, you can find our Safety Advice. We recommend you read these before putting up the marquee – just in case. A marquee is for partying and celebrations - so be sure to secure your marquee with a safety pack from Dancover so everybody may be able to enjoy the occasion.

Safety packs make sure your marquee is safe.

Marquees must always be secured in case of bad weather but even if the weather forecast looks fine, it is a good idea to secure your marquee with a safety pack containing storm straps and ground pegs. By using a safety pack from Dancover together with your marquee, you do not have to worry about the weather unless there is a storm on the way. In general, we recommend that you secure your marquee by using storm straps and ground pegs so nobody gets hurt. Even though a marquee is a stable and secure structure, it may lift or turn over in the event of severe wind. In that case, people can get hurt and things may be broken. So make sure you strap down your marquee every time you put it up by using the ground pegs to secure the storm straps or tying the straps to something solid.