Parasol lights

Parasol lights for the perfect ambience on the patio.

Parasol light are special light to be mounted under a parasol or a canopy to provide a wonderful ambience on the patio and other places. With an elegant LED parasol light, you can stay outside on the patio for as long as you like because the parasol light will provide a cosy light in the area where you and your guests are sitting. Use the elegant parasol light for all the summer parties, barbecues, and family gatherings and stay outside long into the evening. Dancover also offer all the other things you may need for a great time on the patio – parasols, furniture, heaters, throws and blankets, and much more.

Parasol lights and other kind of outdoor lighting.

The Dancover parasol lights provide a cosy light, which allows you and your family and friends to stay outside long after sundown. With a parasol light – and some of the other types of outdoor lighting, we offer – you can create a special ambience right outside your home. At, you can find a wide range of outdoor lighting such as fairy lights, rope lights, and various LED furniture and more with built-in light and various colour effects. The various lighting can be placed more or less, where you want it while the parasol light are made especially to be mounted under a parasol or canopy.