Pools are great fun and they will make your garden the place to be.

Imagine having a pool just outside in the garden or at your summerhouse. Most children and adult will love to dive in on a hot summer day. It is an affordable luxury to be able to go right outside in the garden and cool off in your pool. You can have an in-ground pool, a freestanding pool, or an above ground pool. Just go to Dancovershop.com and select today. No matter which pool you prefer, it will be a lot of fun. You can have many different sizes of pools to fit your needs: How many people are you? How large is your garden? How old are your children? How big is your budget, and more? Our pools are made of high-quality materials so you will always get a durable pool with great functionality no matter the size or price.

With a pool package, you have everything you need.

The different pool packages or pool sets contains all the things you need - except water! An in-ground pool takes a little more work, but let there be no doubt about it - it will look amazing - and even a little more discreet than most of the other types of pools, which are standing on the ground. Please remember that you can move the above ground pools quite easily (without water) - the in-ground pools not so much. No matter which kind of pool you prefer, it will be great fun having a pool of your own. Please note that all pools need a little maintenance if you want clean water at all times. Among other things, you may need a pool filter, a skimmer, maybe a robot cleaner and some equipment to test the water. Leaves and dust will inevitably fall into the pool - even if you use a pool cover part of the time. The skimmer will remove things from the surface, but with a robot cleaner, you have the rest of the pool covered too. It may take a little work but the clean and inviting water is worth it.

A wide range of the popular steel frame pools.

When you chose a steel frame pool you will have a strong and durable pool. That is why a steel frame pool is the best choice if you want an elegant above the ground pool. Our selection of high-quality steel frame pools includes different pool packages where you get all you need to get started. When you receive your new pool, you start by assembling the steel frame. The you put in the liner and connect various tubes and more. After having filled your steel frame pool with water, you can look forward to many hours of fun! Always use a pool cover to avoid leaves and more falling into the pool when it is not in use. Our range of elegant steel frame pools are in neutral colours so they will blend in nicely more or less anywhere.

The entire family will just love a pool in the garden.

A pool needs to be big enough to hold the number of people who are going to use it. We recommend that you select a pool with room enough for everybody - family and friends. You can easily be just a few people in a large pool - but it may not be much fun being many in a small pool. Have a look at our selection and call us if you need help. Our Xperts can help you find the things you need for your new pool. Do you have questions about the various pools, please call us or send us an e-mail. With the right pool and the right accessories, you will have a great pool experience all summer!