Blankets and throws

Blankets and throws for a cosy evening outside (or inside)!

Throws and blankets are hard to be without when you are outside, and it gets a bit chilly or windy. You may be on the patio, at the beach, out sailing or something else. It is also cosy and decorative to have a nice throw or blanket casually thrown over the armrest of the sofa. It looks nice, soft, and comes in handy when you suddenly want a blanket or a throw over your legs in the evening - or if you decide to relax, have a power nap, and want to make sure not to get cold. We offer thick and warm blankets and throws for all occasions. Are you planning a party, a family gathering or other kind of event to take place outdoor? Remember to order some blankets or throws so you can take good care of your guests if they feel cold sometime during the event. Having a soft fleece blanket or a faux fur throw, you can make your guests feel warm and comfortable all evening and into the night.

Blankets and throws for your party outside or in a marquee.

Our wonderful throws and blankets are soft, thick and warm – and our fleece blankets and faux fur throws can be washed, so you do not have to worry when you use them outside on the patio, on the beach, on the picnic, in the forest, or when you celebrate something with a party inside a marquee. Do you like to be outside? Nothing compares to a beautiful bonfire in the evening, a little soft music and a warm blanket or throw. With a blanket to warm you, you do not get cold and can enjoy being outside as long as you can.

Throws and blankets for professionals at cafés, restaurants, and hotels.

Our soft and warm throws and blankets are also popular at cafés, restaurants, and hotels, where guests can sit outside eating and having a great time during the day and into the night. Having a place outside with customers and guests be sure to have blankets and throws for your guests so they can sit outside even when the air gets cooler in the evening. With a stack of soft and warm throws and fleece blankets, you can make sure that your guests feel warm and welcome.