Garden Gazebos

Garden gazebos for comfort and shelter in your garden.

Garden gazebos come in many different shapes and sizes, and they all provide you with shelter and shade. With a garden gazebo on the patio or somewhere in the garden, you get an excellent spot where you can relax or entertain guests. Dancover offers all kinds of gazebos such as FleXtents gazebos and the handmade stationary gazebos made to be outside permanently.

Garden gazebos can be both flexible and durable.

Garden gazebos like the FleXtents pop-up gazebos from Dancover are the no. 1 brand in Europe and are seen at both private parties and professional events. FleXtents garden gazebos are the result of many years of innovative product development with a focus on light, strong and portable gazebo solutions. FleXtents garden gazebos have become widespread and extremely popular in only 8-10 years. The success is without a doubt due to the innovative functionality and high-quality materials that characterise the FleXtents garden gazebos from Dancover.

FleXtents garden gazebos offer innovation and functionality.

FleXtents pop-up gazebos are high-quality, lightweight and portable gazebos and can be used for numerous occasions such as markets, fairs, parties, events and much more particularly when you need shelter from the sun or the rain. The flexibility of the Dancover FleXtents pop-up gazebo has for many years been the professional benchmark when it comes to the perfect and easily manageable pop-up gazebo for almost any kind of event. Dancover has for a long time, secured its leading position when it comes to FleXtents pop-up gazebos and can celebrate thousands of happy and satisfied customers all over Europe.

Garden gazebos in an exclusive and handmade quality.

Garden gazebos can also be the more traditional kind, which is permanent and not intended to be moved or stored. With one of these beautiful, high-quality Italian gazebos, you get a structure of great beauty in your garden or on the patio. The sheer size of many of the Italian gazebos are impressive, and they will allow you to entertain many guests at the same time – for a brunch, lunch or maybe a dinner in the evening. Our extensive range of exclusive garden gazebos offers an eye-catching and practical centrepiece for your garden or outdoor event. Most of the exclusive garden gazebos feature high-quality, durable aluminium or steel frames and PVC or PU-coated polyester with waterproof and fire-retardant covers. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective, practical shelter or an Italian handcrafted gazebo, you are able to find it at