Tarpaulins for every trade and task.

Tarpaulins in a sturdy, and professional quality are indispensable for a whole range of tasks in within the construction and agriculture industry. Private customers also use tarpaulins extensively as cover for both transportation and much more. In addition to the classical tarpaulins in many different qualities, colours and thickness, Dancover offers a series of boat tarpaulins primarily designed to shelter your boat when it is on land. The sturdy and durable boat tarpaulins work perfectly with a series of A-frames and deck frames that will protect your boat from the rain, snow and bird droppings. The frames are also available at Dancovershop.com.

Tarpaulins in a professional quality.

Tarpaulins are used for many different tasks, and that is why you can get tarpaulins in so many sizes, colours, durability and thickness. Dancover offers everything from lightweight tarpaulin PE 65 g to a heavy-duty PVC 610 g tarpaulin. The latter made of PVC with a 3-layer construction coated on both sides. The built-in ripstop effect will prevent a possible tear to develop further. The tarpaulins have metal eyelets that will make it easy and safe to fasten the tarpaulin over everything from cars and boats to machinery and goods. The tarpaulins are UV resistant which makes them durable and offer proper protection for the items stored underneath. In our large selection of tarpaulins, we have colours available in white, grey, green, blue and transparent (net reinforcement), depending on which tarpaulin you need. You will definitely find something to suit your needs! Please note that Dancover operates with a Best Price Guarantee – read more about our guarantee by visiting our web shop Dancovershop.com.