Wooden sheds

Wooden sheds are spacious, sturdy, and hard to do without.

Having a wooden shed in your garden will provide room and shelter for your garden tools, small machines, and much more. Our high-quality wooden sheds are sturdy and durable sheds, which will last for many years and help you keep your tools, garden machines, and more in perfect order. Having everything in one place also helps you keep a nice overview of all the things you need for keeping the garden looking well kept. You can choose from a wide range of wooden sheds as well as metal garden sheds. In short, we have the shed you need no matter which size or materials you prefer. You can have our sturdy wooden sheds in natural wood, which will become darker due to the sun and more if you do not protect it with some kind of wood protection. If you prefer the natural look of the wood, you simply use transparent wood protection with UV-protection. You are also free to paint the shed yourself in the colour of your liking. Finally, we offer painted sheds as well where you do not have to do anything to protect the wood.

Wooden sheds are made of Nordic wood from Europe.

Our wooden sheds are sturdy structures that will last a long time. The solid structures are made of selected Nordic wood, which has been growing slowly in the cold regions of Europe. Due to these conditions, the wood has great strength, which makes your shed stable, robust, and durable. You can have maintenance-free metal sheds, but still many people consider wooden sheds as ‘real’ sheds. You can have wooden sheds with planks in different thickness depending on the size of the shed and more. Most of our wooden sheds have windows or doors with either tempered glass or Plexiglas glazing. These sheds have easy access as well as natural light inside the shed during the day. It will help you find the things you need and give you a nice overview. Most of our sheds have a slanting roof to prevent water assembling.

Wooden sheds are an important part of our large Garden Selection.

As the leading European supplier of high-quality products for the garden, patio and more, Dancover offers a wide selection of wooden sheds, garden sheds, garden gazebos, wooden cabins, tool sheds, greenhouses, pop-up gazebos, and more. When you are going to do some work in your garden - weed, mow the lawn, prune the trees, or cut the hedge - a shed is hard to do without if you want to have all the things you need at hand. The same goes for when you want to relax and bring out the parasol, barbecue, or the soft cushions for the patio furniture. If you have questions about our wooden sheds or any of the many other high-quality products from our Garden Selection, please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail or use our Chat.