Table and chair trolleys

Table and Chair Trolleys for easy handling.

Our popular table and chair trolleys are the perfect solutions when handling a large number of folding and banquet tables and chairs. When arranging private or professional events, you often need to move many tables and chairs, and here the sturdy trolleys come in handy. With a table and chair trolley, you can handle and store as many tables and chairs as needed. When you can place the tables and the chairs on a sturdy trolley, it is much easier to handle, move and store the many items. We offer among other things an extendable and foldable trolley. The trolley will help you handle many tables and chairs - and when the trolley is not in use, it will take up a limited space.

Table and chair trolleys for moving and storing event furniture.

At, we offer a wide selection of high-quality folding tables and chairs for private and professional events alike. The folding tables can be folded completely, and the legs can be folded under the tabletop, so the table is flat and easy to move and store. All our folding tables and chairs can be placed on our sturdy trolleys, so it is easy to move and store the event furniture. The furniture will take up very little room when stored on the trolley. We offer other solutions for moving and storing furniture and more. At, you can find our sturdy sack trucks and roll containers, which are perfect for many transport and storage tasks.

Table and chair trolleys make it easy, safe and more efficient.

The flexible table and chair trolleys from Dancover are sturdy, practical, and have strong wheels, which make them easy to manoeuvre. The wheels are a combination of firm and steerable wheels. Furthermore, the trolleys have a brake so you can secure the trolley while loading and unloading tables and chairs. The trolleys are perfect for schools, function rooms, local halls, concert halls, clubs, and every other place where a varying number of guests frequently are to be accommodated with tables and chairs.