Camper & Caravan awnings

Camper & Caravan awnings for the camping holiday or the garden.

You can use our innovative camper & caravan awnings for much more than the camping holiday. Use the elegant pop-up gazebos as an awning in front of the camper or caravan - and as an ordinary tent back home in the garden - or wherever you need a flexible room for shade and shelter. Whether you use the structure as a camper & Caravan awning or a regular pop-up gazebo, it is all about having a good time enjoying life outside. The light and strong structure is perfect as a camper & caravan awning, where you place it in front of your camper, motorhome, RV, caravan, and more when you are on holiday. At other times, the unique, trapezoidal-shaped pop-up gazebo can be used as a regular tent to relax or socialise with friends and family in the garden, on the patio and more. The strong and light pop-up gazebo is perfect to create shade and shelter against the elements. Use the awning to extend the patio, use it as an interim roof over the patio, or like a conservatory with all the sidewalls closed. With this camper & caravan awning, the options are limitless!

Camper & Caravan awnings for numerous purposes and events.

The pop-up gazebo or caravan awning is strong, flexible, and light. That is why you can bring it with you on camping holidays, where you can pitch the innovative structure in no time on arrival at the campsite. Having an awning or gazebo in this quality will also give you numerous other ways to make use of it. If you mount all the sidewalls, you get a closed structure with a great inflow of light due to the large windows. In the evening, you can close the curtains and have some privacy. Is it hot one day, use the awning or pop-up gazebo as a pavilion with just the roof cover and no sidewalls? You will enjoy the pleasant shade and the open structure with easy access. The enclosed floor in sturdy PVC is another feature worth mentioning. When you use the awning in front of your caravan on the holiday, you will enjoy the large and dry extra area it provides. Whether you use the gazebo as a camper & caravan awning or a pop-up gazebo, the floor will add maximum comfort as it insulates and prevents the moist from the ground to enter the structure.

Camper & Caravan awnings are part of the popular brand FleXtents®.

The unique and elegant camper & caravan awnings or pop-up gazebos are part of our popular gazebo series FleXtents® pop-up gazebos. You can choose among more than 1.800 different combinations counting colour, size, shape, and more. The innovative FleXtents® pop-up gazebos are characterised by being flexible, strong, and adjustable. In addition - and as another important feature - this awning can be used for many other purposes and events as opposed to other camper & caravan awnings!