Metal garages

Metal garages are the ultimate storage solution.

Having a metal garage will give you plenty of room for your car and much more. It is possible to place your metal garage almost anywhere in your garden, yard or driveway – and compared to an open carport, you can close and lock a metal garage. With a safe storage solution like that, you can store both cars and much more in a safe manner. The large Dancover ProShed metal garage has a wide double door, so you have easy access to the garage. The metal structure is perfect for your car, naturally, but the spacious structure can also provide you with room for other things like your garden machines, bicycles, a motorcycle, a small boat, tools and much more.

Metal garages are durable and maintenance free.

Metal garages from Dancover are high-quality products, which you can enjoy for many years without having to think about maintenance. With a ProShed metal garage, you can forget about rot, rust or peeling – the zinc coated steel plates will last for many years. Dancover offers a large assortment of ProShed metal garden or tool sheds including the large ProShed metal garage. You can place all these high-quality metal sheds and garages on a firm base like concrete, flagstones, or wood. At, you can buy metal hooks and shelves for your metal garage so you can organise your garden tools and other equipment nicely inside the garage and make optimal use of the space inside.

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