LED floodlight around the house gives you a great sense of security.

Floodlight gives a nice feeling of security as it turns on every time there is movement nearby. Knowing that the elegant and efficient security lights with a powerful LED light will light up specific areas gives you a great feeling of safety. Put up the floodlight around the house in such places as the carport, the patio, next to the front door, by the shed, and more. It is nice to have light in various areas when needed and not necessarily permanently. The LED floodlight runs on the solar cells or batteries depending on the model you prefer. Both types of floodlight have three batteries enclosed so you can use the security light as soon as you receive it. The floodlight with the solar cell panel uses the batteries as a backup.

The security light is an affordable solution.

You can mount this floodlight or security light in no time almost anywhere. Use a screwdriver for a wooden surface, a drill for a wall, or the enclosed bracket for mounting without tools at all. The floodlight with a solar cell panel primarily uses the sun power and the enclosed batteries for backup. No matter, which type of floodlight you order there is no use for an electrician for mounting the light. You mount the floodlight, turn it on and it will turn on every time there is movement after dark. Then the bright LED light will come on for about 10 seconds. If there is a movement for a longer time, the light will stay on.

“It is a good idea to install a security light,” the Police says.

The police also recommend that you install a floodlight with a movement sensor around your home. They know better than most that light coming on at every movement will scare off many a dodgy character. The LED floodlight from Dancover has a PIR motion sensor and it will light up when a movement is detected. The light will cover an area of app. 12x16 m. We recommend that you use it in your driveway, carport, at the front door, on the patio, and other places where it can make a difference with light for both orientations and for scaring off burglars. You can adjust the floodlight both vertically and horizontally to cover a specific area. You can also use the LED floodlight indoor - placing the solar cell panel on the outside!