Bin Storage

Bin storage for organising and hiding your bins

Bin storage is an easy and affordable solution for keeping the bins outside your house or company neat and organised. You can have different kinds of bin storage – some made especially for this purpose, other can be used for others things as well. The various types are made for the standard 240 l bins, which also goes under the names wheelie bins, recycling bins or garbage bins. You can have bin storage for 1 or more bins. Combine two or more solutions to make room for all your bins. Then your driveway, entry area, yard and more can look nice and tidy despite the bins.

Bin storage in different materials

We offer various bin storage solutions in materials like maintenance-free WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), natural wood and galvanised steel. We know that nobody wants to have several wheelie bins next to the house but with an elegant bin storage you can make everything look nice and organised just the same. The bin storage in WPC has a wood-look finish and will look sturdy and elegant where ever you want to place them. The solution in galvanised steel looks like a metal shed and can be closed and locked. Forget about rust or rot as the bin storage will stay the same for years. A bin storage solution helps you make the best of the fact that we need several bins in order to handle all our garbage for recycling as well as for recycling. The bin storage in WPC is preassembled, easy to mount and here you can also forget about rot, rust or peel.

Bin storage for making the driveway and more look great

Having one of our bin storage solutions with room for one or more 240 l wheelie bins or similar can help you keep the driveway, carport or yard look nice and tidy. Choose a bin storage which cover the bins completely and prevents others from using your bins – just make sure to unlock the storage when the garbage collectors come round to empty the bins. Another solution is the open bin storage that only give you an elegant framing around the bins. This solution gives you free access to the bins at all times. Finally, you can have a wooden storage or a steel shelter for your bins. All our various bin storage solutions provide easy access to the bins and helps you keep the garden and more looking as nice as possible.

Other ways to hide and organise the bins

As mentioned, some of our steel shelters and wooden bike sheds can also be used for organising your garbage bins. The wooden bike sheds have room for two bins and the steel shelters can hold more. Just for the record, if you order one of our modern and sturdy carports you will have room for several bins, which will be sheltered and placed near the road. This way you can take the rubbish out and put it in the bins when you are going to use the car anyway. At the same time, the bins will be near the road for the garbage men to access them fast and easy.