Wooden carports

Sturdy carports for sheltering your car

It is simply a great feeling to be able to park in a sheltered place every time you come home – or where you chose to set up your carport. A carport is a simple structure but it will do a lot of good in sheltering your car against the elements. We offer carports in maintenance free metal or in solid Nordic wood. With an elegant, high-quality carport, you can park your car and forget about rain, snow, and damaging UV-rays. You just park the car in the carport and it will be ready next time you need it. In the winter especially, you can save time removing snow and ice from the vehicle. And in the summer, the car does not heat up as much as when you leave it in direct sun. You can place the detached carports almost anywhere as the design and style of the various carports goes well together with most types of houses both old and new. You can have carports in neutral colours, in natural wood or in almost any colour of your liking if you paint it yourself.

You can have modern, maintenance-free carports in powder-coated aluminium with a UV-resistant polycarbonate roof. The polycarbonate sheets in the roof are almost unbreakable and will last for many years. The carports are easy to assemble and mount but the job will require two persons minimum. When you have assembled and fastened the carport, you do not have to think about maintenance – no rot, rust, or peeling here. At some point the carport may need to be cleaned, then just use a garden hose and a soft brush.

Classic carports in Nordic wood

Your carport is delivered as a pre-fabricated assembly set – this includes the carports made of Nordic wood. You have to be at least two for the job as some of the parts are heavy. When you have received the carport, just follow the enclosed manual. If you have ordered a carport in natural wood, you need to use some good quality wood protection as soon as possible after assembly to protect the wood and keep the carport in mint condition for many years. Use a transparent wood protection if you want to keep the natural look of the wood - or use a paint in your favourite colour.

Use the carport for other purposes

Apart from the obvious – parking a car in the carport – you can use the structure for many other things during the year. In the summer, you can use the carport as a shelter over a dining table, a lounge area, the children’s play pen or maybe a Jacuzzi. The carport will also work as a shelter for bikes, a small boat and other things. Some chose to divide the use of the carport into seasons. In the winter, they use the carport for parking the car. In the summer, they use the carport as a patio cover, where they can sit in all kinds of weather – in the shade or sheltered from a little rain. Do you have questions about our carports in metal or wood? Please contact our Experts by phone, e-mail or chat.