CombiTents® are the most flexible marquees on the market

CombiTents® marquees are elegant and flexible.

CombiTents® marquees from Dancover make it possible to scale or adjust your marquee so it always matches the number of guests you want to invite. It is quite simply a brilliant solution, because most times, you do not invite the same number of guests for different events such as a christening or for a 50th year anniversary. This flexibility makes it much easier to select the next marquee when next you want to invest in a high-quality marquee. With CombiTents® marquee divided into sections, you will always have enough room either when you need a lot of room or when you need a smaller marquee. You just mount the number of sections you need for the event in question. You can say that with CombiTents® marquee you get up to 6 marquees for the price of 1!

CombiTents® marquees – a brilliant idea based on many years of experience.

CombiTents® marquees are the result of 10 years of experience with marquees for both private customers and professionals. This experience and knowledge has led to the development of a simple but quite effective system. A system that provides you with the possibility of having the exact size of marquee you need for any occasion. Before CombiTents®, you had to choose a specific size of marquee for an event. In the future, you could face a problem when you have to host an event and the marquee is too big or too small. With a CombiTents® marquee from Dancover, your marquee is so flexible that you always have the exact size of marquee whether you want to invite 20 or 100 guests.

CombiTents® marquees are quite simply an obvious solution.

CombiTents® marquees are a very logical and obvious solution to well-known challenges with marquees that you usually encounter. This is when you have one marquee, especially when the number of guests you have vary from event to event. The solution to this problem is quite straightforward; it is sections. By choosing a marquee divided into sections, you will have the most flexible solution on the market that will always match your needs and number of guests. It takes a little time to mount a large marquee, so often, you may choose not to mount it if you are going to be a small number of people. With a CombiTents® marquee, you only mount the number of sections you need. Brilliant may be a big word, but the section divided marquee has proven to be magnificently useful for a great number of people.