Awnings provide pleasant shade and shelter on the patio.

Awnings are an elegant way to shelter a lounge area or dining area on the patio. Awnings will also work perfectly many other places where they will give you shade during the day, shelter against the dew in the evening, and even shelter you from a little drizzle. All you need to enjoy an awning is a concrete wall or similar. The Dancover awnings are waterproof so apart from shading, they can shelter you and the patio furniture from the rain. The high-quality awnings have a UV30+ resistance and will provide shade for you and at the same time protect your garden furniture, cushions and more from damaging UV-rays. We offer two types of awnings - a manually operated awning and awnings with a built-in motor and remote control. Whether you prefer the one with a handle or an easier operated awning, they can both be ready in a few minutes, when you need a little shade or shelter.

High-quality awnings in 280 g/m² polyester and a strong frame.

The slim casing of our various awnings makes them an elegant solution. You will scarcely notice the casing of the awning when completely rolled up. Having a high-quality awning over the patio, almost provide you with an extra room, an open conservatory where you can relax, enjoy a little peace, or be together with friends and family. The strong frame of the awnings is made of durable aluminium. The fabric is 280 g/m² polyester, waterproof, and with a high UV-resistance. You can look forward to having you Dancover awning for a long time enjoying a pleasant shade on the patio and shelter from rain and falling dew.

Awnings as part of the extended Dancover Garden Selection.

We offer a wide range of high-quality products for making your life outside even more enjoyable. Choose from a selection of garden gazebos, greenhouses, conservatories, orangeries, patio covers, parasols, LED lighting, patio heaters, and much more. With an elegant awning and one or more of the other garden products, we know that you will enjoy your garden even more. Having an awning - or some of the many other Dancover garden products, you do not have to concern yourself so much about the weather. With an awning, a patio cover, or an orangery, you can stay outside enjoying your garden even when it rains a little. If you have questions about our awnings or some of the other garden products, please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail or use our Chat.