Wooden cabins

Wooden cabins for many wonderful purposes.

You can have wooden cabins in solid wood in many different sizes and designs. You can have classic wooden cabins or maybe you prefer a modern version. We have a wide range so you can have everything you want. Our sturdy and elegant wooden cabins are made of selected Nordic wood. Because the wood has been growing slowly in a cold area of Europe, it is very sturdy and durable. Using this high-quality wood for our cabins make them stable, robust, and durable. You can have a wooden cabin in two versions: natural wood or with paint. When you order a painted cabin, please note that the door(s) and window(s) are white. When you order a cabin in natural wood, we recommend that you use some wood protection on the exterior surfaces. This will make the wood look fresh for a long time as well as protecting the cabin in general. You can keep the natural wooden look of the cabin for a long time by using transparent wood protection.

Wooden cabins for relaxation, as a guesthouse, or for work.

With a wooden cabin in the garden, at your summerhouse, on the beach, or somewhere else, you have a special place with a wide range of purposes. You can use the inviting cabin as an office, for relaxation and contemplation, for work out, as a playroom for the children, or as a guesthouse when you have friends and family staying over. The wooden cabins from Dancover have large doors and windows proving easy and flexible access and a wonderful inflow of light. In general, our cabins offer a great interior light and wonderful outlook. Just open the large door(s) and see how you automatically combine the interior of the cabin with the surrounding space. It is easy to bring the cabin and the garden, patio, or beach together in an elegant way. Many of our cabins will also work fine as a shelter so you can enjoy sleeping in the open well protected from the elements.

Are you looking for an easy DIY project for the garden?

Our sturdy and elegant wooden cabins are pre-fabricated assembly sets. That makes them the perfect DIY project for the garden. NB! You need to be two persons for the job as wood is a heavy material and at the same time, you need some accuracy when assembling the cabin. The assembly does not require any special tools. Almost anybody can do the job if you follow the enclosed step-by-step assembly instruction. We recommend that you use some wood protection if you have chosen the natural wooden cabin. Another option is to order a pre-painted cabin - visit Dancovershop.com and see the options. Do you have questions about our wooden cabins or some of the other products in the shop, please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or Chat.