Chicken coops

The perfect chicken coop for almost any kind of garden anywhere.

Having a chicken coop or hen house with run will look amazing in most gardens - and provide the owner with fresh, organic eggs. Our inviting and charming chicken coop will work great in gardens anywhere - in the city garden or somewhere in the country on a hobby farm or similar. You can have 4-6 laying birds in the hen house or coop so you have a steady supply of eggs throughout the year depending a little on the breed of chickens you choose. Overall, there has been an increase in the interest in keeping chickens in your garden. This is linked to the general interest of organic food, homegrown produce, and healthy living. Apart from the fresh, organic eggs, most people find it fun and calming to have chickens and hens right outside in the garden. Children especially will love the funny animals and can watch and play with them for many hours. At the same time, the kids will learn to take care of animals and see how we produce food and more.

Chicken coop with a built-in run for the perfect setting.

The Dancover chicken coop or hen house has a built-in run so the birds have room to do what they like the most - scrape the dirt and roam about. The coop also has an external nest box with two separate rooms and a wooden dropping-tray with zinc you can pull out for easy cleaning. The chicken coop is delivered complete with ladder, perches, and a sliding door for ventilation. You need to assemble the DIY hen house yourself, but it only takes a few hours. It is important though that you are two to do the job. The door of the chicken coop is opened and closed from the outside. Furthermore, the coop is protected against the elements due to the roof, which is covered with sturdy asphalt roofing. Do you need more room for your chickens and hens? Order our chicken run extension measuring app. 1x1.5 m. The chicken run extension has a wooden frame, one door, and sides and top in galvanised mesh wire.

Make the chicken coop or hen house a part of your new lifestyle.

Have you considered changing your way of life - just a little? With a chicken coop from Dancover, you can start a new way of living with organic eggs and maybe some homegrown produce, too. To make the most of your garden or more, you can combine a chicken coop with one of our elegant greenhouses. You can choose from a wide range of greenhouses in many sizes, designs, and materials. Having a chicken coop and a greenhouse would be a dream come through for many people. Many modern families may even have room in the garden for both a coop and a greenhouse. Do you consider having hens in the garden for the first time we recommend that you ask somebody who has tried it before? You can also search the internet for advice and facts. It is important that you make sure that the chickens and hens are well fed and have room to scrape, eat, dustbathe, and to do the things that they like to do. It will be great fun having live chickens and hens in the garden - and fresh eggs every morning!