Emperor bell tents

Emperor bell tents is the perfect way to camp in style.

Emperor tents are large tents with room for many people living in great style and luxury. Have you heard about glamping? It is the new way to enjoy nature up close – and why not do it with a large and elegant emperor tent? Having an emperor tent you have room to upgrade your camping experience – forget about thin matts and cold nights – enjoy a proper bed and a heater so the temperature inside the large tent is just right – despite the temperatures outside. The emperor tent also demands some beautiful lighting to enhance the ambience. Glamping has become a great alternative to traditional camping. When you love nature but also like a little luxury and comfort, then you can go glamping and get the best of both worlds. The word glamping is a mix of ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’. Some would call it luxury camping but glamping is a catchy phrase describing the phenomenon quite good.

Our large and elegant TentZing® emperor tents are perfect for glamping.

Our spacious and sturdy emperor tents are perfect for glamping. It is easy to upgrade your traditional camping experience when you choose an emperor tent. Then you have every opportunity to create a wonderful place in the middle of nature somewhere – or maybe just at home in the garden. The point is that you can enjoy great style and comfort in a emperor tent anywhere you pitch it. Use the elegant TentZing® emperor bell tent for a camping trip somewhere or stay at home and make a permanent haven. At home, you can go glamping whenever you want. In short, with one of these smart tents, you can enjoy a camping experience out of the ordinary. The spacious emperor tents are made of 280 g/m² cotton canvas with a hydrostatic head of 1000 mm. The groundsheet in 540 g/m² PVC has a hydrostatic head of 3000 mm. The extended ridge height is part of the attraction with these popular tents.

Glamping accessories for adding a little extra luxury.

Take the emperor tent as it is or add a little more style and comfort with a half-moon shaped matting for the floor and maybe an arched awning in front of the tent. The beautiful matting is two half-moon shaped pieces in 100 % polypropylene in a jacquard weave. The two pieces of matting cover the entire floor inside your emperor bell tent and create a wonderful look and feel. The arched awning creates an inviting and practical entrance for the tent. The awning is made of sturdy cotton canvas to match the tent. The awning will not only shelter the entrance, it will also create sheltered room for luggage, footwear, and various equipment. Why not order a beautiful and sturdy emperor bell tent today and plan to go glamping sometime soon? You can explore the wild, relax, and maybe prepare some tasty food on the bonfire in front of the elegant bell tent. Our popular TentZing® emperor tents are perfect for the ultimate glamping experience – somewhere in nature or at home in the garden.