Glamping tents

Glamping is simply camping version 2.0.

Glamping has been increasingly popular and is a great way to combine love for nature with a little luxury. Why settle for a thin matt if you can have a real bed? Why freeze if you can turn on a heater? Why fumble around in the dark if you can have proper lighting? The luxury part has a lot to do with glamping becoming so popular. Many loves nature but they also like a little comfort and luxury. Glamping combines the two. The word ‘glamping’ is of course a combination of the words ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’ – another term could have been ’luxury camping’. However, we feel that the new and catchy phrase covers the phenomenon quite good, though.

Our TentZing® bell tents are simply made for glamping.

Our spacious and elegant bell tents are made for glamping. The large and beautiful bell tents can help you upgrade a traditional camping holiday into something exclusive. Even if you camp in the middle of nowhere, you can still enjoy a lot of style and comfort. In other words, you can use the elegant TentZing® bell tents for traditional camping somewhere or use it to make a permanent base – maybe at home in the garden. If you pitch your bell tent in the garden, you can go glamping as much as you like. With a heater inside the tent, you can extend the glamping season with several months. Our beautiful TentZing® bell tents can lift your camping experience to something even more fun and wonderful. The popular bell tents are made of 280 g/m² cotton canvas with a hydrostatic head of 1000 mm. The groundsheet in 540 g/m² ripstop PVC has a hydrostatic head of 3000 mm. The cotton canvas makes the bell tents look soft and beautiful as opposed to many modern tents made of various artificial materials.

Glamping accessories for adding that extra luxury.

The bell tents are beautiful and inviting in themselves, but you can add even more style and ambience to the tents. We offer a half-moon shaped matting for the floor as well as an arched awning. The matting consists of two half-moon shaped pieces in 100 % polypropylene. The carpet is in a jacquard weave with an elegant pattern. The matting covers the entire floor inside your bell tent and will change the interior to something very cosy. The arched awning creates a sheltered entrance, where you will have room for all the things you do not want inside the tent – shoes, baggage and more. The awning is made of cotton canvas to match the tent. Why not go glamping and experience nature up close? Take the time to relax and sit around a bonfire to tell tall tales in front of your bell tent. Our unique TentZing® bell tents are simply perfect for a great glamping experience – at home or somewhere in a forest or similar.