Lighting makes the party.

Lighting is a big and important part of most parties. When hosting a party – whether it is in a marquee or a function room, the correct lighting will help create a special and unique atmosphere. Dancover has a wide assortment of lighting for both indoor and outdoor use. It means that when you are hosting a party in a marquee in the garden, you can choose from many attractive and beautiful lights that will illuminate both inside the marquee and around the garden.

Lighting for outdoor use.

Lighting comes in different kinds, but a vast majority of the lights Dancover has in our shop are LED, which are very energy-efficient. It means you do not have to worry about the cost of energy at the next party but are free to turn up the ambience and enjoy the experience.
Among the many options for choosing lighting that will create the right and beautiful atmosphere is the LED cube light and LED ball light, which are rechargeable and can be placed both inside and outside the marquee. Here, you get many colours and effects and you are guaranteed a special feeling when your guests experience the special lighting in the marquee, in the garden or maybe around a lake or pool.

Lighting for indoor.

Lighting such as fairy lights or string light creates a very special atmosphere – both when hanging inside a marquee or as a part of the table decoration. Dancover has a wide range of string lights with coloured cotton balls that will without a doubt, create the perfect atmosphere and feeling both for everyday use and at parties and events.

Lighting for the disco party.

Lighting can be perfect for creating the right atmosphere, being either cosy or elegant, but on the dance floor, it takes a special lighting to get the party going. Dancover has the classical ingredients for the ultimate party lighting – disco lights. You can have it all; coloured spots, laser, LED strobe light, smoke machine and a disco ball that will reflect the light around the marquee or function room beautifully. It will be a party to remember! Simply, it does not get much better – all you have to do is find the right playlist, then the party is on!

Lighting in the shape of inflatable event light.

Lighting is also a part of professional events or at discotheques. Dancover presents LED lighting for inflatable events that will create attention and the right atmosphere for both party and event.