Pergola gazebos

Pergola gazebos - the classic and elegant solution.

Pergola gazebos are part of the extended range of elegant garden gazebos that Dancover offers. The flat roof and four corner poles characterize a pergola gazebo. As opposed to many garden gazebos, a pergola gazebo is a minimalistic construction providing pleasant shade when the flexible roof is closed. Often, it is possible to open the roof of the pergola by drawing the fabric aside - or by turning the slats depending on the pergola you have chosen. For our San Pablo pergolas, you can separately order wind-proof sidewalls. With one or more sidewalls, you can turn the pergola into a more closed and sheltered structure.

Elegant pergola gazebos in maintenance-free materials.

The wide range of high-quality garden gazebos at Dancover includes different pergola gazebos. These light and elegant structures will look amazing anywhere. We offer pergola gazebos with the characteristic flat roof made of crossbeams, slats, or sturdy fabric - or a combination. As opposed to most garden gazebos, the pergolas are open structures without sidewalls or curtains. This makes the pergolas look much lighter and at the same time take up very little space visually. All our elegant pergolas will provide you with a wonderful place to enjoy your garden, patio, or pool area.

Time to relax in the pleasant shade.

The word pergola is Italian and means projection. A pergola was originally beams projecting from a house and supported by columns or similar in the other end. Of course, our freestanding pergolas are detached from the house so you can place it anywhere you want - close to the house or somewhere in the garden. You can also have a sturdy and durable patio cover in light and maintenance-free materials. These patio covers are more like the original pergolas, projecting from the wall of a house. Use the patio cover for pleasant shade and shelter from the rain in connection with your house or maybe a garden wall. With a patio cover or a pergola gazebo, you can enjoy pleasant shade and shelter from the rain or falling dew at night. Furthermore, your garden furniture and more will also be protected from the sun and the rain.