Tent carpets

Tent carpets provide your event with style.

Tent carpets will give your event a completely different look and feel when having a party or any other kind of event in a tent or marquee. A marquee is perfect when you need room for an important event such as a wedding, confirmation, christening, birthday or other important events in the family. With a marquee, you can have all the room you want more or less for as many guests you want. Dancover is the leading supplier of marquees in Europe and have a wide range of high-quality marquees for any event and party. We also have all the other things you need to make the event a success – stacking chairs, folding tables, lighting, heaters, tablecloths, disposable tableware and much more. In addition, we have elegant tent carpets in different classic colours like black, grey and red for your marquee. Too many people think is it a bit too much to buy flooring and a carpet for the marquee as the event in question usually only last for one day. If you have ever been to an event in a marquee with flooring and a carpet – instead of flagstones or grass - you probably never want to miss that elegant look and feel again. Furthermore, the flooring and carpeting will insulate the marquee so you do not feel the potentially damp and moist ground underneath.

Tent carpets for all the important events.

Tent carpets and flooring will provide your marquee with a feeling of class and style. We recommend that you consider flooring and a tent carpet when having your next important event in a marquee simply because you will experience a very different feeling during the event, just like a function or banqueting room. Another advantage of having flooring and a tent carpet in your marquee is that tables and chairs will stand much more stable without wobbling when the marquee is standing on flagstones or grass. In other words, it is a good idea to spend a little more in order to lift the entire event. That goes for both events in the family - and if you use your marquee for company-parties and professional events like fairs, product launching or various client events. In any case, a tent carpet with flooring will look exquisite, have an elegant feel and nice touch.