Wooden gazebos

Wooden gazebos for great style and ambience in your garden.

It is amazing what an elegant, wooden gazebo can do to an ordinary garden - or most other places for that matter! Having a wooden gazebo provide you with a perfect place to drink coffee, read a book, paint, or have a conversation with a friend or neighbour. Dancover has a large selection of elegant and beautiful gazebos in different sizes and all kinds of materials from aluminium to wood. Are you looking for a classic gazebo in solid wood, you have come to the right place. A beautiful wooden gazebo will be the natural focal point in your garden in no time - and the place you want to be. A wooden gazebo is a wonderful structure you can use during the day as well as in the evening - or into the night if you want. The elegant gazebo provides you with pleasant shade when the sun is shining and shelter you from falling dew and cool evening air later on. A wooden gazebo will also shelter you from the rain, so you can stay inside the gazebo even when it rains listening to the rain falling on the roof.

Our wooden gazebos offer a great outlook and a wonderful inflow of light.

You can choose from many different garden gazebos at Dancovershop.com. One thing all our gazebos have in common is the wonderful inflow of light making the gazebo light and inviting. Furthermore, the door will provide easy access and making it easy to bring together the interior of the wooden gazebo with the surrounding garden and more. Open up the door of the wooden gazebo and the gazebo becomes a part of the garden, the patio, beach, or any other place where you have the gazebo. The large doors and windows make sure you and your guests have a great outlook and can sit well sheltered in a light gazebo due to the amazing inflow of light. Some of our wooden gazebos may be a little compact but never underestimate the positive effect a beautiful gazebo can have on the spectator or user. Anywhere you place the elegant gazebo, it will look inviting and you and your friends and family will love spending time inside and around the structure.

Wooden gazebos made of beautiful and solid European wood.

A great deal of our high-quality wooden gazebos is built with solid Nordic wood. The wood has been growing at a steady pace in the colder regions of Europe making the wood stable, robust, and very durable. The wooden gazebo will last for a long time - and even longer if you take a little care of it. Do you order one of our wooden gazebos in natural untreated wood; we recommend that you use some wood protection to protect the wood from the elements? You have to start by assembling your new wooden gazebo. Our gazebos are normally delivered as a pre-fabricated set you need to put together yourself. It is a task for two persons as the wood can be heavy and you need to be precise. Please start by reading the detailed assembly instruction. Do you have questions about the wooden gazebos? Please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or Chat.