Polytunnel greenhouses

Polytunnel greenhouses are affordable and effective.

Polytunnel greenhouses are an affordable and efficient alternative to the more expensive greenhouses made of aluminium and polycarbonate or aluminium and glass. A polytunnel greenhouse is an effective and durable greenhouse that will make it possible for you to start growing your own the vegetables, fruits and flowers in no time. The polytunnel greenhouse is easy to put up and will start to work instantly. With a polytunnel greenhouse, you can prolong the garden season and are able to start earlier in the spring and enjoy the greenhouse far into the autumn - depending on the climate of course. In that respect, a polytunnel greenhouse has all the same advantages as a traditional greenhouse. The only difference is the lower price and the design.

Polytunnel greenhouses with metal or plastic frames.

Polytunnel greenhouses from Dancover come in several variations – you can choose greenhouses with a galvanised steel frame, a hot-galvanised steel frame or a plastic frame. They all have a sturdy UV-resistant cover with an impressive light transmission of 95% for the transparent greenhouse covers. The polytunnel greenhouses are easy to assemble, and the cover is easy to adjust and mount. A polytunnel greenhouse is an ideal option if your priorities are low cost and high efficiency. The polytunnel greenhouse will supply you with all the produce you want if you follow the normal way of doing things in a greenhouse. In no time, you will enjoy seeing vegetables, fruits, and flowers starting to grow inside your new polytunnel greenhouse.

Polytunnel greenhouses are easy to put up – and move when needed.

Polytunnel greenhouses are perfect for growing all kinds of produce and in that respect, they completely match the traditional greenhouses. The shape of the polytunnel greenhouse catches the sun rays perfectly and provide heat inside the greenhouse so you can get beautiful, healthy fruit and much more from your own garden. Are you into organic food? You will have the perfect produce without anything artificial. Also, you can enjoy food from your own garden, which simply tastes better. Do you have questions about the polytunnel greenhouses from Dancover? Feel free to contact our Experts via telephone, e-mail, Skype or Chat? You can find all the relevant contact information at Dancovershop.com.