Party flooring

Party flooring for your marquee.

Party flooring for your marquee is a fantastic possibility when you are inviting people to a celebration or an event. A marquee will provide you with a lot of room for the guests, but mounting a marquee directly on the ground could give the guests a feeling of a job half-done. The feeling of a marquee with a party floor solution just adds so much to the overall feeling when coming into a marquee, especially being inside it for a long time. By providing a party flooring for your marquee, you ensure that your tables and chairs are stable, firm on the ground and your guests will sit comfortably during the entire party or event.

Party flooring gives you firm ground under the feet.

Party flooring has been a part of the vast assortment Dancover has offered for many years. Dancover has over ten years of experience with marquees in different sizes and designs. We also offer a series of simple and secure party flooring solutions that will work perfectly together with the various marquees. The flooring in general, is made of durable plastic and are delivered in squares that can be joined easily to make a floor in the size required. The flooring is available in different qualities and colours such as grey, green, red, black and white. Please notice that a party flooring consists of the flooring, and edges, which makes it safe and easy to get in and out of the marquee. You can choose party flooring for both private arrangements and for professional rentals, which are at a higher standard.

Party flooring and a carpet gives you a nice soft feeling.

Party flooring is just a minor part of arranging a party or an event but has a great effect. If you want to go the extra mile in making the upcoming party or event a success, then a party flooring might be the answer. Dancover also offers carpets for the marquees so your party can be perfect. The carpets are available in dark grey and chilli red. These colours creates both a visual effect, and a tactile feeling too as it is a luxury to step into a marquee with a nice and soft carpet. The red carpet may also be used as the carpet leading the guests into the marquee to give them a feeling of both luxury and fame.