Brochure stands

Brochure stands for presenting sales materials and more.

Brochure stands from Dancover are lightweight, foldable and an elegant way to present sales materials and much more. Use the brochure stands to present sales materials like brochures, pamphlets, fliers and more. Place the light, and elegant brochure stand at your stand on the fair to attract the attention of people walking by. The foldable brochure stand is extremely easy to set up, fold, transport, and store in the enclosed suitcase. The stand is made for presenting a variety of brochures or other kinds of presentation materials on the slanting shelves. The foldable brochure stand is perfect for many kinds of events such as fairs, trade shows, and exhibitions, where you can display brochures, magazines, printed sales materials and more in an elegant and very visible way. You can also use the brochure stand in the office, the showroom, or in a shop. The lightweight brochure stand is stable and very easy to bring anywhere in the enclosed aluminium suitcase.

Brochure stands for presenting your company in an elegant way.

When participating in a fair or similar event, place the brochure stand in front of your stand so everybody can see the materials on display. Just think about how many guests will walk by your stand at a fair. The elegant stand filled with your inviting brochures and more will attract attention and give your staff a chance to talk to those who show an interest. The slanting surfaces or shelves will perfectly display your sales materials. Furthermore, the stand allows you to display brochures and other materials facing two ways. This way, everybody will have a chance to see the materials. For an even better promotion, we suggest that you combine your general promotion effort at the fair with one of our elegant promotion bags with your logo. Dancover offers a broad range of promotional bags made for fairs and other public events where you can hand out sales materials. At, you can see our wide selection of many other branding and display products. Do you have questions about our brochure stand, promotional bags or other display and branding products? Please contact our Xperts at by phone, e-mail or Chat.