Sport and games

Outdoor & Games for many hours of pure fun.

Bouncy castles and bouncy cushions are a perfect choice when you arrange a birthday party or some other kind of event for children. These activities offer hours of fun for children of all ages. Our high-quality bouncy castles are aimed at private customers, and they meet all the required safety requirements. The bouncy castles are easy to transport and can be inflated and deflated in no time with the included air pump. The transportation is made easier because of the included carry bag. All you need is a plane surface, and you are ready to put up one of the wonderful bouncy castles for the kids to enjoy hours on end.

Bouncy cushions for professional use.

Our sturdy bouncy cushions are another fun solution that can be used at professional events. The bouncy cushions are made to meet the safety standards for commercial use – so this is an obvious choice for all rental companies and companies arranging various events such as fairs and market – and for institutions, sports clubs and campsites. Having one or more bouncy cushions for rental, you can offer your customers an extra fun activity for children. We also offer all the other party and event equipment such as marquees, folding tables, chairs and more – everything in professional rental quality.

Outdoor & Games for you as a dedicated spectator.

As a spectator at various sports events, you are often standing outdoor in all kinds of weather. As a dedicated follower of a sports club, or as a dedicated parent going to practice and matches to support your child, you will find it to be a great idea to take an all-weather pod with you. The small tent, also known as a Football Mom pop-up tent, will shelter you against the elements without you have to miss anything on the field. The compact shelter is easy to bring anywhere, and it will pitch in seconds when you let go. Bring a folding chair, and you can settle in while you watch the game.