Roller banners

Roller banners are a unique way to convey your message.

Roller banners are an effective and very affordable way to make your company seen. You can bring and display the lightweight roller banner anywhere - fairs, meetings, markets, shops, offices, showrooms etc. The compact roller banner in sturdy, lightweight materials is perfect to convey your message elegantly and clearly. The simple and innovative system makes it possible to have a large poster rolled up inside the aluminium cassette. We offer to make a unique roller banner with your design printed on the front. You start by sending us the artwork you want printed on the roller banner, and then we make your new promotion tool and send it to you. Now you are ready to use the roller banner at the next fair, meeting or presentation.

Roller banners can help your branding and promotion effort.

Roller banners are perfect for branding and promotion. The banners are sturdy, flexible and easy to transport, mount and dismount. We deliver your printed roller banner with your design printed on the banner including the cassette in anodised aluminium with the roll-up system inside. For easy transport and storage, we deliver the printed roller banner in a black fabric carrier bag. The roller banner system includes a top profile with clamp, which makes it very easy to mount and dismount the banner. If you at some point want to change the banner, you can have a new poster printed and mounted on the roll inside the cassette. Please note that the mentioned price for the different roller banners in the shop - PRO, LIGHT, or CLASSIC - includes digital printing on one side of the banner.

Roller banners as part of a large selection of promotional products.

Roller banners are flexible, affordable, and visually strong – perfect as a promotion tool in many situations. The large banner will convey your message to most people at the events in which you participate. Dancover offers an elegant spotlight for your roller banner. With a spot on the banner, you can be sure that everybody can see the design and artwork – and your message - no matter the light in the room in general. Please note that you have to order the spotlight separately. At, you will also find an abundance of all the other high-quality branding, display, and promotion products you need to make a professional impression at the fair and any other event. Dancover offers personal service and advice before, during and after a purchase. Our Xperts offer to help you find the promotional products you need.