Wooden saunas in natural wood

Imagine having a wooden sauna right outside in the garden. Then you can turn it on and enjoy then pleasant warmth of the sauna exactly when you feel like it – and you decide whether you want to share the sauna with anybody. You can have a classic sauna cabin or a wooden barrel sauna depending on what you like. Our popular outdoor saunas are made of durable and natural Nordic spruce. The whole idea of using warmth for relaxation and contemplation goes back thousands of years. Using a steamy hot room for relaxation and mending sore muscles has been used by people over the world. As you may know, the word 'sauna' derives from Finnish where we find the word in writing the first time in 1112. Actually, 'sauna' is the only Finnish word that has found its way into the English language and beyond. The word simply means 'bath' or 'bathhouse' and often a visit to a sauna is combined with a dip in a lake or similar.

Beautiful saunas for relaxation and relieving sore muscles

A hot sauna is a great luxury if you appreciate the soothing heat. When you feel your skin temperature rise and the pulse rate increase as your body is warming up and the heart starts pumping. You will soon begin to sweat and a pleasant feeling of relaxation will spread out through the body. As you may already know, spending time in a sauna will give you a wonderful sense of joy as the endocrine glands are affected. Having a sauna in the garden means quality time after work or just when you feel like it. When you come home after a stressful day at work or you have been working out and have sore muscles – your body will love a visit to your very own sauna in the garden.

An elegant wooden sauna makes all the difference

If you have a few square feet somewhere in the garden, you have room for one of our elegant wooden saunas. You can have a wooden barrel sauna or a classic sauna cabin. Both saunas are in natural and durable Nordic spruce. The different kinds of wooden saunas will look great anywhere in your garden and you will have endless hours of relaxation and enjoyment. You can have a wooden sauna with one or two rooms and other features. Having a sauna of your own makes it possible to treat yourself to some quality time every time you want. Let go of stress and sore muscles, and enjoy yourself inside one of our beautiful wooden saunas.

Select the sauna heater you like

Please note that our wooden saunas come without the essential sauna heater. The heater must be ordered separately together with the sauna or when you want. As you know, the sauna heater is what makes the magic happen inside a sauna. You can order a classic sauna heater in stainless steel or maybe you prefer something a little more advanced – like our heater in the shape of a water drop hanging on the wall. The important sauna stones are enclosed for both types of heaters. Please note that you need an electrician to connect the sauna heater.