Greenhouses from Dancover prolong the garden season.

Greenhouses are well-known structures in gardens and have been popular for many years. The interest has increased significantly in later years due to our increased interest in healthy lifestyle, organic food, and our home and family. The sheer fact that you can grow delicious vegetables, fruits, and flowers and actively gain so many things from your very own garden helps increase the interest. With a greenhouse, it is easy for most people to grow their own produce as the sun does most of the work and provides you with home-grown tomatoes, cucumbers, chilies, grapes and beautiful flowers if you want. The only thing you have to do yourself – more or less – is the watering.

Greenhouses provide you with home-grown produce.

Greenhouses from Dancover are available in many sizes depending on what you want and how much you have in your garden. You can choose from various types of greenhouses – like the classic greenhouse made of aluminium with glass windows or with the strong, durable polycarbonate windows. Furthermore, you may choose one of the effective and economic polytunnel greenhouses, which are easy to assemble and cover so you can start growing your own produce from day 1. With a greenhouse in general, you have the possibility to grow vegetables and flowers that perhaps isn’t capable of growing in your part of the world if you don't have a greenhouse of some sort.

Greenhouses for both garden enthusiasts and professionals.

Greenhouses do not need much maintenance, and they can be used for growing fruits, vegetables or as a gazebo if you prefer a place to be if the weather is bad from time to time. Dancover has a wide range of greenhouses in different sizes – so we offer greenhouses for both the private garden owner and the professional grower, which needs much more room under glass or cover. Are you considering buying a greenhouse? Contact the Dancover Experts via telephone, e-mail, Skype or via our Chat. See the contact information at