A carport is an effective and elegant way to protect your car.

Carports are light and strong structures which are easy to assemble and mount without the use of any kind of special tools. In no time, you will have a strong and durable roof over your vehicle so you do not have to worry about rain, falling leaves, UV-radiation, and bird droppings. You will soon appreciate that your car is well protected when under the carport. In general, the car will be nice and ready to go whenever you need it. Especially during winter, you will really appreciate the construction, as you do not have to remove snow from your car or scrape ice off the windscreen.

A carport can be a shelter for much more than your car.

A carport will, of course, provide protection and shelter for your car – hence the name! Having a carport can also provide shelter and protection for much more than your car. You can have bicycles, motorbikes, garden machines, boats, and much more under a carport. You can even use an elegant and classic carport as a patio cover, if, for example you want a roof over your hot tub, garden furniture or maybe to cover and shelter the children’s play area. You will have plenty of room under a carport for a sandpit or a paddling pool etc. As opposed to a parasol, a carport will be able to protect your things in both wind, snow and rain.

Carports are durable, maintenance free and will last for many years.

A high-quality carport will protect your car and much more for many years without you having to worry about maintaining it. The modern and elegant carports from do not need any maintenance. If you want to clean the roof in case of dirt, falling leaves or bird droppings all you have to do is use the garden hose to wash the roof – and if the roof is very dirty, you could use a soft brush or a cloth.