Racing tents

Racing tents are perfect for creating positive attention.

Racing tents from Dancover provide you with great protection from the sun's dangerous UV-rays when you have to be outside for many hours in connection with most kinds of motorsports. Are you participating in events like rally, speedway, track, motocross, go-cart or Road Racing? Then you will have to be close to the track for many hours, and then the sun can be both too hot and dangerous for your skin. If the weather is bad, the racing tent will give you perfect shelter from the rain and wind.

Racing tents are flexible and easy to mount.

Racing tents from Dancover are so easy to mount that you can raise your tent in about 60 seconds give and take. The racing tent are at the same time easy to transport and store. They are delivered in a practical transport bag that will make it easy for you to bring the racing tent anywhere you have to go to compete. Racing tents are available in more than 1.230 different combinations – regarding sizes, colours and designs. It is also possible to get your very own unique racing tents with full digital print. A racing tent with full digital print will give you many positive attention at most motorsport events. If you can mount a racing tent with full digital print on the side of the track or in the public area, you will get a lot of attention if the tent is made unique enough. Moreover, you have every chance to make it special as you can have anything printed on your racing tent – pictures, illustrations, text and, of course, your logo.

Racing tents with full digital print.

Racing tents can really come to look amazing with the right design. The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your very own racing tent. One possible way to go is to print a large photo of your team and the vehicle and more on the entire cover of the tent. It will look impressive and ensure that your racing tent will not only be noticed but also remembered. Do you prefer to be a little more discreet? Then settle for a print with just the name of the team, the logo and maybe the colours of the team displayed graphically. This will present the team in the best possible way to an elegant racing tent.

Racing tents with full digital print for both relaxation and work.

Racing tents with full digital print work perfectly when the participating team wants to get a little privacy during the event. The spacious racing tent will be great if you want a place to keep your equipment and tools nice and dry or maybe a place to do some work on the cars and more. We recommend that you choose one of the strong, durable and high-quality racing tents that you will enjoy for many racing events. With a high-quality racing tent, you will have room to work on the motors and such and at the same time have room for a rest or to have a meeting undisturbed. Racing tents from Dancover come in practical transport bags, which make it extremely easy to transport and store these flexible racing tents.