A shelter can give you the most wonderful nature experiences

More and more have discovered how amazing a shelter can be – in the garden, at the summer house or somewhere in the middle of a forest. When ordering one of our beautiful and rough wooden shelters in durable larch wood, you will have the best possible setting for many cosy hours outdoor. If you have room enough in the garden, set up your shelter and make a fire pit in front of it. Then you have everything you need for hours of fun outside – and not even a little rain can spoil the fun. Having a rough and cosy shelter allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend some quality time together with friends and family. Kids especially will love our shelters, which can be a cosy den during the day and used for sleeping at night – if they dare. Sometimes it is easy to imagine trolls and monsters when being inside the shelter looking out into a dark garden. The beautiful shelter made of larch wood will become even more inviting if you put some soft blankets and pillows on the floor inside. One or more fairy lights will also make a huge difference.

Your shelter is delivered as a fun DIY-assembly set

You can order a sturdy and durable shelter with or without roofing felt. When you have ordered your shelter, we will send it to you in 10-12 working days. You will receive your new shelter as a pre-fabricated assembly set, where the various parts have been cut and are ready to be assembled. This means that you have to do a little work – unless you get somebody to do it for you – but it will definitely be worth your while! You will without a doubt get a lot of credit for this wonderful shelter, where you and your family are going to spend a lot of time in the future. Before you start filling the shelter with blankets and pillows, you have to prepare for setting up the shelter by putting down flagstones or casting post shoes to avoid direct contact between the wood and the damp soil. Larch wood is a strong and durable material, but damp soil will deteriorate the wood much sooner than necessary. Another option is to build a patio in flagstone or similar and place the shelter on top of it. This way you will protect the wood and can enjoy a patio around or as a minimum in front of the shelter. That is also a great way to avoid mud in front of the shelter, where you often will drag the mud inside the shelter. Just make sure that you have a fire pit in front of the shelter as it will make a huge difference.

Elegant and sturdy shelter in beautiful Danish larch wood

The shelter you can order from us is made of Danish high-quality larch wood. Larch wood contains a natural protection so in principle you do not have to use wood protection. If you do not use wood protection, the wood will turn greyish over time. We recommend that you use transparent wood protection or oil – then you can enjoy the look of fresh wood for a long time. However, some may prefer the beautiful grey and natural colour, which will blend in nicely in the garden and forest areas. So, it is up to you but as a minimum you should treat the shelter with one or two layers of some eco-friendly fungicide to avoid rot and fungal infestation.

A shelter from Modularo® is made for cosy times and nature life

Modularo® is a lifestyle brand focusing on high quality, durability, and comfort. You get to choose from a wide range of durable, wooden products like shelters, sheds, garden gazebos, and wooden cabins. The beautiful and sturdy products can make your outdoor and garden life even more fun and cosy. The popular brand provides you with elegant design, functionality, and more room to enjoy life outside.