Marquees for both minor and major events

Marquees for weddings, confirmations, company events or the family gathering.

Marquees are available in many different sizes, qualities and designs for numerous purposes. Dancover has over 10 years of experience developing and selling marquees. A marquee offers you many options for creating flexible settings for important occasions such as weddings, confirmations, important birthdays or other big events. A beautiful and functional marquee gives you every possibility to arrange a professional event in connection with a fair, a product launch, teambuilding, company picnic and many other events. Dancover offers a wide range of marquees and gazebos for both private customers and professional customers that want a high-quality and durable marquee at the best price.

Marquees for all occasions.

A marquee is just an empty space, which you can use to create a nice and cosy event shaded and sheltered from the sun and the rain. A marquee gives you infinite possibilities to create a memorable day whether it is a wedding, a birthday or a professional event. Marquees also occur under other names such as party tent, beer tent, music tent, market tent, garden tent etc. No matter what you prefer to call your new marquee you will enjoy it for many years as a setting for many different parties and events. As a company, you should consider investing in your own marquee for both festive events and professional events. Many companies have found this to be an excellent idea.

Marquees – now with spare parts.

Marquees consist of many different parts. Sometimes a part is missing or ruined. That is why you can buy spare parts at Dancover for your marquee in order for you to enjoy the marquee for many years. You can buy parts for the frame of your marquee as well as the canvas if you want to change a sidewall or another part.