Parasols provide shade and bring elegance to your garden.

Parasols are simple devices to create shade when the sun is shining. At the same time, a parasol can be a very beautiful focal point and bring together a set of garden furniture or a dining set on the patio. Having a lounge set or a dining set on your patio will in any case require a parasol so you can be outside even when the sun is blazing. An elegant and functional parasol will give your patio and garden in general a great look and feeling. With a parasol from Dancover, you are guaranteed high quality, elegant design, and great functionality. A parasol will provide you with shade and be an elegant part of the garden setting, and at the same time, it will be easy to operate when you want to put it up or take it down.

Parasols from Dancover range from basic to luxury.

Parasols at Dancover range from standard high-quality parasols to luxury parasols in a professional handmade quality. The parasols are all in a modern and classic design made of high-quality products. With a parasol from Dancover, you know you are getting a functional, beautiful and durable parasol. Obviously, all the parasols will provide you with shade for your patio, garden, lounge area or at the poolside. Many of the parasols have a 360-degree rotation system, which make them flexible and perfect for shading the low, late evening sun. Beyond shading during the day, all our parasols will prevent the dew from setting in the evening, when you want to stay out late on the patio.

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Parasols are important when you want to enjoy the good garden life. As mentioned, a parasol will provide shade from the sun and prevent the dew from falling on you at night. At, you can find a wide range of quality parasols for both private and professional use. We also have a wide assortment of garden furniture, outdoor lighting and patio heaters, so you can enjoy the evening on the patio in great style and comfort.