Carry bags for marquee

Sturdy carry bags for your marquee.

Carry bags make it easy for you to store and transport your Dancover marquee. The sturdy bags offer perfect storage for all the bits and pieces that a marquee consist of. Your marquee has many tubes, bolts, and more – and to keep everything in one place, safe, and well organised, we recommend that you use one or more of our special carry bags for transport and storage. The practical carry bags are specially made for our marquees, durable and water-repelling. The bags have strong zippers and several sturdy handles, which makes it easy for you – or maybe two persons – to carry and move the marquee when stored into the bag. The carry bags or transport bags from Dancover are made to hold sidewalls, roof cover, connectors, tubes, and poles. It is important that you order bags in the right size matching your marquee. We offer several series of carrying bags in different sizes matching the various marquee!

Carry bags help you protect your marquee while stored.

Our large carry bags for the various marquees are perfect for storing your marquee and for carrying it outside for assembly. The bags also make it easier to transport the marquee when you want to use it somewhere away from home. When you order the bags for your marquee, please make sure that you order the right size as we offer several different sizes of both bags and marquees. Dancover is the leading supplier of marquees in Europe, and we offer a wide selection of marquees in many different sizes, colours, and designs. That is why it is so important to be meticulous when ordering both marquee and bags. If you want, our Xperts at can assist you if you have any questions about our marquees, carry bags, or other products. We recommend that you use separate carry bags for the cover and all the metal parts, as the tubes and other hard parts may damage the soft cover.

Carry bags are a small but important part of our wide range.

You may think that a carry bag for a marquee cannot be that important, but when you need to store or move your marquee, the sturdy bags will make a world of difference. offers a wide selection of marquees – the largest on the market – as well as all the other party accessories you need to make your event a success. You can have high-quality folding tables and chairs, beer table sets, lighting, heaters, decorations, disposable tableware and much more.