Storage Containers

Storage containers are flexible and safe.

Storage containers are a perfect solution if you want a secure and flexible storage. We offer the sturdy containers in hot dip galvanised steel at very competitive prices. The containers are weatherproof and built to be placed outside in all kinds of weather. You can, of course, use the storage containers inside if you want. The two double wing doors with lock and handle provide you with a secure and easy access to the container. The wide doors make it possible to store even large objects so the containers will overall provide room for most things. An important feature is that the storage containers can be assembled and disassembled as needed. This extreme flexibility provides you with plenty of room for all the storage you need anytime. You can also move the containers with a forklift truck or crane. With one or more of these functional containers, you have the perfect storage solution, as the containers will take up the minimum room when disassembled.

Environmental storage container for safe storage.

Do you have the need to store oil based and flammable materials? Our environmental storage containers provide safe storage for these materials with special needs. Our environmental storage containers have a bunded floor so you do not need to worry about chemical spillage. Having a sturdy environmental storage container, you can be certain that your stored materials are kept securely without any risk for the environment.

Storage containers with special features.

The storage containers from Dancover are available with different accessories, which you can have added if you want. You can have shelves, a drive-in ramp, gas cylinder holder, vandal bar, forklift guides, and air grille. Please note that when you want to purchase some of these accessories, you need to contact our Customer Service in order to have the container delivered with the installed features. You can have more than one air grille installed beforehand if you want it. Please find contact information for Customer Service at