Garden sheds

Garden sheds from Dancover are practical and durable.

Garden sheds in lightweight and maintenance free metal panes are perfect for storing and protecting your tools and garden machines like your hedge trimmer, lawnmower, and high-pressure cleaner. If you add some of the hooks and shelves you can buy additionally, you can optimise the space inside the shed and can have even more tools and things in the shed. With a garden shed in your garden or yard, you have easy access to your tools and will save time and energy when you want to work in the garden. When you want to weed, mow the lawn, prune the trees or cut the hedge, you can find the tools you need in no time with a well-organised garden shed.

Garden sheds in maintenance free materials.

Garden sheds or tool sheds in lightweight metal are a high-quality product you can use for many years without having to think about maintenance. You can choose between the well-known garden shed brands ProShed and Yardmaster. Both types of high-quality garden sheds must be placed on a firm and plane base like flagstones, concrete, wood or similar. You can also put your garden shed directly on the grass, but in that case, you should place a tarpaulin first as a membrane. Afterwards, we recommend that you lay a floor inside the shed. A floor with a membrane will provide insulation and minimise condensation.

Garden sheds for storing many items.

Garden sheds or tool sheds are available in many sizes so you should be able to find a suitable garden shed no matter your requirements. Dancover has a series of small garden sheds for smaller gardens, wood storage, and bicycle sheds. Furthermore, we have large metal sheds for cars, machines, and materials. You are always welcome to contact our Experts if you have questions about our lightweight metal garden sheds or tool sheds.