Pagoda marquees in every size

Pagoda marquees are beautiful and special.

Pagoda marquees are beautiful, sturdy and can be the spectacular setting for everything from brunch and a buffet to a grand event such as a wedding or a company event. With the significant pointed roof, the pagoda marquees distinguish themselves from most other marquees and create a natural gathering point whether they are mounted in a garden or other place where people meet for a special occasion. Pagoda marquees are both beautiful to watch and pleasant to stay in among other things because of the extended ridge height which gives you a wonderful spaciousness when inside the pagoda marquee.

Pagoda marquees in every size.

Pagoda marquees are available in sizes from 9 m² to 100 m², so no matter which event you are to host or arrange you are able to find a pagoda marquee suitable to the number of guests or visitors. The pagoda marquees are extremely flexible and you can use the pagoda marquees both with and without sidewalls as a shadowy meeting place or with sidewalls so you can shut off and be more private and undisturbed. Whatever you prefer the pagoda marquees create very special settings and a unique atmosphere.

Pagoda marquees with beautiful details.

Pagoda marquees have beautiful arched windows that provide plenty of light inside the marquee during the day but at the same time create a spectacular effect. At you can buy a wide range of accessories for the pagoda marquees such as heating and lighting and everything you need when it comes to folding- and stacking chairs, folding tables and disposable tableware and much more.