Car covers

Car covers for fast and easy protection.

You can choose between several different car covers – and covers for your motorbike, caravan, and much more. The simplest solution when you want to protect your vehicle against the elements and more is a simple soft and flexible 3-layer cover. Do you want to spend a little more? We also have portable garages and folding garages, which will protect your car like regular garage structure.

Most especially, car covers will benefit vehicles not in use for some time and sheltered from the elements and more. You can store the car outside or inside, as you prefer. A car cover will protect your car against UV-rays, rain, dust, snow, bird droppings and the accidental scratches cars often get while parked in public places.

Covers for an easy and affordable protection.

Most of the Dancover car covers are made with a 3-layer water-resistant breathable construction. This will reduce mould and mildew and minimise condensation inside the cover. Our car covers are semi-adjusted – and they will fit every regular car model on the market. If you have a car that is not a standard model, please contact the experts at Dancover – they can guide you.

When covering your car, we recommend that you remove the aerial and turn side mirrors in. When your car is covered by a car cover, it will be well protected against the elements. The cover is easy to put over the car in just a few seconds, easy to remove and store when not in use. Please note that we also have a series of covers for motorbikes, scooters, and more.

Covers for caravans and motor homes.

Many only use their caravan for shorter periods every year. When the caravan is not in use, it is a good idea to cover it in order to protect it. The soft 3-layer cover is water-resistant and breathable so it will help you keep the caravan looking fine for many years. Due to the sturdy straps and zips, it is easy to mount the cover and keep it in place even in windy weather. Protecting your caravan is a good idea – for your own sake and if you decide to sell the caravan some say. A caravan cover is the perfect solution when storing your caravan during the winter. The cover is soft, breathable and at the same time protects the caravan from mould, mildew and condensation.

Our Experts are ready to assist you.

Do you have questions about the Dancover covers for your car, motorcycle or caravan? Please contact our Experts – they will help you find the best cover for your needs. Please find the contact information at