Promotion tents

Promotion tents create attention and positive response.

Promotion tents from Dancover are sure to create a positive response if you are participating in fair or other kind of events. With a promotion tent with full digital print, you will stand out as a company and with a much larger probability for being remembered by potential customers after the event. With a beautifully decorated promotion tent, you can show your products, your logo and write your payoff or other messages relevant in general or for a specific event – like offers and the likes.

Promotion tents can tell a positive story about your company.

Promotion tents can be decorated with everything from photos and illustrations to text and logos. Dancover offers a full digital print, but if you want to tone down your company’s presence, you can opt for a logo printed on the cover of your promotion tent. With a high-quality promotion tent, you can enjoy the function of the tent repeatedly for many events. The promotion tents from Dancover come in a practical transport bag so you can bring the tent everywhere you need to be present and show your colours so to speak.

Promotion tents are the perfect advertising pillar.

Promotion tents are a perfect medium for telling a relevant story about your company. You can decide the subject and can compose exactly the story you want to tell your present and potential customers. With a large photo, you can show your new product, tell about your company or even present an up-to-date offer. It is even possible to order various promotions tents so you can tell a different story depending on the context. If you trade with both the business-to-business segment and the retail segment, you can have a promotion tent for each fair and more.

Promotion tents are flexible and durable.

Promotion tents from Dancover are the result of innovative product development, and that gives you a flexible promotion tent you can mount in just 60 seconds. Furthermore, the tent is delivered in a practical transport bag that makes it easy to transport and store the promotion tent. The strong and durable cover can be used with just a single logo printed on one side, or you can go all in and choose the full digital print with your own design on every side including the roof cover. Do you want to know more about what a promotion tent can help you get more attention at fairs and markets? Call the Experts at