Bell tents

Bell tents for those who like comfort as much as nature.

Bell tents is the perfect way to experience nature without having to rough it too much. Bell tents are made for the phenomenon ‘glamping’, which is a mix of the two words ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’. The word has become a household word in just a few years in many parts of the world. We could also call it luxury camping, but it does not sound as… well, glamorous. So, glamping is a perfect word to describe camping in great style – in a bell tent or similar. The idea behind camping in a bell tent is: Why use a thin matt when you can use a mattress? Why be cold when you can have a heater and maybe an eiderdown? Why sit in a dim light if you can have some proper lighting for orientation and ambience? Bell tents play an important part in the success of glamping as the large and spacious tents have made it possible to upgrade the traditional camping experience.

The large TentZing® bell tents create the perfect settings.

The popular bell tents are large and spacious and simply perfect for glamping. With a high-quality bell tent, you can transform your normal camping experience to an exclusive stay in the middle of the wild – simply by adding more style and comfort. The elegant TentZing® bell tents are also perfect for a more permanent setting. Put up your new bell tent in the garden and go glamping in style every day if you like. In the garden or somewhere in nature – your camping experience will never be the same again when you have a large and beautiful TentZing® bell tent. The sturdy bell tents are made of 280 g/m² cotton canvas with a hydrostatic head of 1000 mm. The groundsheet in 540 g/m² PVC has a hydrostatic head of 3000 mm. The extended ridge height is a part of the overall positive experience with these large and spacious tents.

Bell tents can be even more inviting with some elegant accessories.

For our bell tents and other glamping tents you can order various accessories such as half-moon shaped matting for the floor and an arched awning to have the entrance sheltered. The matting is two half-moon shaped pieces with an elegant pattern in 100 % polypropylene in a jacquard weave. The matting covers the floor inside the bell tent and will create a wonderful look and feel. The arched awning in front of the bell tent is made of sturdy cotton canvas and matches the tent. The awning will shelter the entrance and make room for storing bags, footwear, and more. Why not order a bell tent and go glamping this year? You can explore nature, relax, or stay in the garden and sit around a bonfire in front of the beautiful and cosy bell tent. What’s not to like – a unique TentZing® bell tent is perfect for a great glamping experience – at home or somewhere in the wild.