Tent accessories

Marquees with a wide range of accessories provide flexibility.

Marquees are the perfect option for a wide range of events such as family dinners, special anniversaries and professional events. A marquee is just a certain number of square metres, which provide room for inviting people and having parties or events, for which you otherwise would not have room. With the extending accessory program for the Dancover marquees, you have a wide range of exciting options to adjust your marquee to the specific party or event.

Marquees in different designs.

Marquees are available in many different sizes and qualities, so you have every option to find the exact marquee suitable for a specific event. Furthermore, the large accessory program you can change design and functionality for your marquee when you, e.g. use the marquee for different events on different hours and in different weather.

Marquees with and without sidewalls.

You can change the look and functionality of your marquee just by changing de different sidewalls. Select the closed sidewalls without windows, and you have a very closed and private marquee. You can also select sidewalls with windows for the entire marquee, so you have plenty of light coming into the tent – and you can look out. When the weather is fine, you can omit one or more of the sidewalls and you have a light and airy marquee.

Marquee has a large selection of accessories.

Marquees are wonderfully uncomplicated. First, you simply purchase the marquee you need, unpack it, assemble the frame, pulls the cover into place, and throw the party. At the same time, a series of products are available, which you may want to consider. Among other things, a ground bar, if you have chosen a marquee without. A ground bar provides extra stability and together with a Safety Pack with storm pegs, and storm straps will secure your marquee in case of bad weather. This is the mere practical part, but it is also possible to adorn your marquee with curtains and inner linings, so the marquee becomes beautiful, soft and romantic.

Repair kit

Repair kit