Bioclimatic pergolas

Beautiful bioclimatic pergolas for the good garden life

One of the characteristics of a bioclimatic pergola is that you can open and close the roof. A pergola is a simple and flexible construction, which can shelter you when you are outside in the garden. Having a bioclimatic pergola means that you can enjoy your garden in the shade when the sun is shining and be sheltered when it is raining – using the same pergola. You can have a bioclimatic pergola with moveable metal slats in the roof or a softer version with a roof made of sturdy fabric. Both types of pergolas have a flexible roof, which you can open or close depending on the weather and your mood. Whether you feel like enjoying some full sun or you want some pleasant shade - simply open or close the roof. Furthermore, you can use your bioclimatic pergola open on all sides without any sidewalls or screens – or you can install one or more sidewalls to create more shelter.

The bioclimatic pergolas are adaptable to the weather

One of the reasons that our bioclimatic pergolas are so popular is first and foremost because they look elegant and inviting everywhere you place it. But the pergolas are so much more than just good looks – their flexibility plays an important part, too. With one of these modern and minimalistic pergolas, you can stay outside in the garden more or less when you want – in sunshine and rain. You can open and close the slats in the roof with a handle - or if you have a bioclimatic pergola with a soft roof – use the enclosed remote control. If it starts to rain when you are outside, simply close the roof. The roof will shelter you from the rain and lead the water down hidden downpours inside the legs of the pergola. Furthermore, you can create a closed pergola or garden gazebo by adding sidewalls, screens, curtains, louvre walls, sliding doors in tempered glass and more.

Bioclimatic pergolas with a strong and durable aluminium frame

Our bioclimatic pergolas are sturdy structures with a strong aluminium frame and durable metal slats in the roof. The structure is sturdy and heavy but you still have to fasten the pergola to the base. Add some sidewalls or screens to your pergola so you can use the open structure as a garden gazebo when the weather is cool or windy. Please note that the movable slats in the roof regulate more than the sun - it can also control the amount and direction of the air and thus ventilation. When you add soft sidewalls, curtains and especially mosquito net to a bioclimatic pergola, you can also stay inside the pergola without having to worry about flying insects. Do you have questions about our bioclimatic pergolas – or some of the many other garden gazebos and more? Please call us, send an e-mail or use our chat.