Camping tents

Camping tents provide you with comfort in the open.

Camping tents from Dancover are available in many sizes and at various prices depending on what you want. You get to choose between a wide range of practical and elegant tents. Are you 2, 3 or 4 persons? You should choose one of the smaller camping tents like our pop-up tents, tunnel tents, dome- and igloo tents. Or, are you five or six persons going camping? We also have larger camping tents with room for your equipment and the luggage. We have camping tents for those who want to be on the road and, therefore, want to carry as little as possible. They prefer to settle with a smaller and lighter camping tent in order to enjoy the journey more. You can also have camping tents for the family, who needs a comfortable tent with room for the luggage and where you have room to stand up inside the tent.

High-quality camping tents make travel easier.

Camping tents give you a wonderful feeling of freedom. Just bring your tent and great outdoor adventures await you. Although, most campers today prefer the comfort of modern campsites with modern facilities. Even if you camp at one of these campsites, your tent must meet a series of demands, which campers today expect from their tent. Details like logical construction, easy pitching, strength, lightweight materials, easy access and ventilation are the minimum expectations. Dancover offers a large assortment of high-quality camping tents for all sorts of purposes – just a few nights, for playing in the garden and for when the entire family goes camping for a great holiday.

Camping tents for everybody - big or small.

Camping tents from Dancover include many well-known brands like Outwell, Easy Camp, Ranger and Coleman as well as our own brands TentZing® and Flashtents®. You get value for your money and many wonderful hours in the open no matter what you prefer. You may want to take a long camping holiday or maybe you just need a place to sleep on the class outing or on a cosy weekend trip with friends and family. It has become incredibly popular for the family to take the car and just drive into the blue with a camping tent in the boot and not much more. You feel free as the bird and you get to choose between the many camping sites you meet on your way. Furthermore, it is a great feeling to sleep in a camping tent in the wild and wake up to the sound of the birds and maybe with a great view.