Marquee linings

Marquees made even more beautiful.

Marquees can be beautiful in themselves and mean a lot for both the overall impression and the atmosphere, when a party or another important event takes place in the family or the company. Dancover has many beautiful marquees with a wide range of interesting details, but nothing compares to a beautiful marquee with elegant linings combined with a leg curtain-solution.

Marquee with lining.

Marquees in various sizes and qualities will get a very special feel with a ceiling lining due to the soft, white fabric hanging down from the ceiling following the sidewalls of the marquee. It creates a cosy and romantic feeling and at the same time, the fabric hides frame and joints in the marquee. Then it is easy to forget that you are in fact in a marquee and not in a castle or in a banqueting room at an exclusive hotel. You can choose from a variety of sizes of linings and curtains that will fit exactly the size of your marquee.

Marquees in a romantic style.

Lining for the ceiling and leg curtains of the marquee are available with a beautiful satin look that creates the perfect atmosphere within the marquee at weddings or other major events. Linings and leg curtains in a marquee makes the entire room and with that the whole experience to something quite unique. That makes linings and curtains one of the details with the biggest impact when you look at photos from the special day and see the beautiful room where the party took place.

Marquee linings is the extra spice.

Compared to the overall expense for party and equipment the expense for lining and curtains will not add up to a lot but it will make a huge difference. You can of course select linings and leg curtains fitted exactly to the size of your marquee.